Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Herefordshire


Herefordshire, Whitney-on-Wye

Buskin Shirley and William Colley were the owner and innkeeper from 1783. A ten shilling 'Licence for The Purveying of Liquor' was issued in 1830 to a John Morris, Proprietor and John Watkins, Owner. Sarah Ann Clark, the Landlady and wife of Philip Clark was murdered in 1880 and her ghost is said to haunt the inn. Apparently she is very friendly and only appears when there are young children staying at the inn. The Rhydspence continued into the 1950s as an inn and farm when the land was sold off and the Inn changed from an alehouse into the hotel and restaurant of today. Peter and Pamela Glover have owned and run the Rhydspence since 1986 and Paul and Geraldine Ashley managed it since July 2012.