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Leopard Inn

Lichfield St, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Burton upon Trent

A rare pub name, it is after the heraldic reference to the Weavers Company whose arms carried three leopards’ heads. During several paranormal investigations, it reports revealed that this ornate, early Victorian pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a number of dramatic ghosts. All of these had died in the 1800s, with claimed they were being held there against their wills. One was a woman called Victoria, who had worked in the taproom and is wearing a crinoline dress. Through a medium, she said her husband had been killed in a steam train accident, with she was still waiting for him to return. One male ghost told the psychic listeners an assailant took his life when he had been caught cheating at cards on the premises. He described in graphic detail how he had been stabbed in the back by an ornately shaped knife, garrotted, with then thrown into the river to drown. there is A small child ghost aged five, called Sam, is also in residence, with maintained he had been killed in an accident. A night watchman called Ernest also made contact. He had been severely burned in a fire nearby, with his body brought to this pub for the police to investigate and an inquest to be held.