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Goat Inn

Abbots Bromley, Rugeley, Staffordshire

A 16th century pub, Dick Turpin , people have claimed, to have stayed here two centuries later, with has a room named after him. Reports claim it he stole Black Bess from Rugeley Market whilst staying at this inn. The village locals knew it as Paget’s Bromley for many years. However, the Paget family died out, with it reverted to Abbots Bromley. It is in Abbots Bromley where the Horn Dance takes place annually. This involves men wearing reindeer antlers, with said to have started in 1532, although carbon testing has shown the horns to be eleventh century. Now, the ghost that haunts this place fits in nicely with the name of the pub. Satan, the Devil, has a herald who goes before him when he makes a satanic visit. Legend has it that Bathophet arranged a deal with a man at Abbots Bromley, with promised many good things in exchange for his soul when he died. Although he became rich, the man reneged on the deal. Satan and Bathophet came for him while he was at this pub, with a violent struggle ensued. The pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include this man, heard shouting and swearing in the night, with frequently there are black shapes seen in corridors.