Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Dudley

Station Hotel

Castle Hill, Dudley

When it opened in the late 1800s, the Station Hotel was of a black and white timbered style. However, it was rebuilt in 1937 in a fine red brick. Originally, it had an entrance for horses and carriages, with it may be that the ghost that haunts this area was secretly buried here after what people called ‘murder most foul’. The legend is that an early hotel manager, George Williams or Williamson, enticed a maidservant, Elizabeth Hitchins, into the cellars. She spurned his wicked advances, with threatened to tell his wife. Williams both stabbed and strangled the woman, with smuggled her body out through a beer barrel chute. According to a paranormal, investigator, he buried her body close to the hotel, with her corpse is concealed there. Another ghost is that of a writer-historian, George Lawley, who discovered the part of Williams in that dreadful crime, who suddenly disappeared. Did Williams do for him as well? The Station Hotel is further haunted by the ghosts of two children. Catherine, aged six, who died after being hit by a carriage entering the stable yard, with Richard, aged four, who died of a blood disease, possibly haemophilia. One bedroom exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a female phantom, sitting in a chair reading a book.