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Ye Olde Black Cross

70 Worcester Road, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

This old coaching inn, with history from 1640, stands on a crossroads that was a place of public execution. The criminals were held in the cellar here before being hanged at the meeting of four roads. They were then buried in unconsecrated land nearby or, in many cases suspended in a gibbet until they rotted away. Now the inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a number of ghosts, including some of the men who had been hanged here. It is also haunted by a Royalist soldier who walks between the bar and lounge along a passageway. The kitchen exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a young girl, murdered on the premises many years ago. There has been some evidence to substantiate these ghosts, as images have been caught on CCTV. Two of the pub bedrooms are also haunted. However, the descriptions are vague, mainly that they are dark and misty and have a musty odour about them.