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Sheldon Hall

Gressel Lane, Birmingham, West Midlands

An actual photograph of a ghost is rare. However, one was captured on a film camera at this pub. During a family gathering, the proprietor took some snaps using an instant camera. Subsequently, it someone found in one of the images. It is a clear picture of a young girl. She was not one of a family member. This apparition is one of two in the Sheldon Hall, with the other is an old woman. Managers and chefs have witnessed the apparition of an elderly woman with a ruffed collar. Reports believe her to have been murdered by her husband, a tenant farmer, in the 19th century. In 1993, when the pub locals knew it as Baldie's Mansion, a most extraordinary paranormal event occurred. It was then that a masked figure in white clothing suddenly appeared outside. Coincidentally, the trees and bushes shook violently, although it was a calm night. The building is from the 15th century and a former manor house.