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Maes-y-Neuadd Country House Hotel and Restaurant

Talsarnau, Harlech, Gwynedd

This famous country house hotel situated between Harlech to the south, and Talsarnau to the north, just off the B4573 is reputedly a haunted house. The oldest part of the building dates from the 14th Century, and it was extended several times over the centuries, becoming a manor house. Now it is a first class hotel and restaurant. One of the rooms that you can stay in, the Morfa Suite allegedly has a friendly ghost. The apparition has not been reported to have ever frightened anybody, but instead calms the guests and tends to lull them into a peaceful sleep. It is said that the ghost appears as a nurse maid, wearing a long gown and a mob cap, and she is more likely to appear if one of the guests is feeling unwell. Other ghostly apparitions have apparently been seen throughout the hotel, but only as reflections in mirrors, and the ghost of a dog has also been reported in the gardens of the hotel.