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Waggon and Horses

Beckhampton, Marlborough, Wiltshire

A truly gorgeous thatched country pub, with part built with stones from the mystic, Neolithic stones of Avebury, it has history from 1669. It someone named after the ancient village wagons, which carried goods and poor travellers about the country before the advent of railways. Victorian author, Charles Dickens, visited it and described it in his Pickwick Papers. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include two ghosts, both in one bar. One is an elderly woman dressed in a white blouse or smock, with is thought to have been a previous proprietor. The other is a tall man in a Victorian style suit, who leans against the fireplace and is smoking a pipe. A little dog , witnesses see, crouched at his feet. Often there is a strong odour of tobacco smoke, although the ghost is not then visible. The outside of the pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a ghostly coach and horses that rattles over the stones, with stops before the front door. The immediate area outside is also haunted by the ghost of Walter Leader, a former customer and highwayman, hanged in 182nd. Legend has it that when Leader was being taken to the gallows he saw an equestrian approaching. He pleaded with the hangman to wait, claiming it could be his judicial pardon. Minutes after authorities hanger him, the equestrian arrived, holding Leader’s pardon.