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The Red Lion

High Street, Avebury, Marlborough, Wiltshire

It is on the site of a former monastery hospice. Locals rumour that it is connected by tunnel to a nearby manor house, with has several ghosts. Two have , witnesses saw, as shapes, one black and the other white, in separate rooms. There is also Florrie, a 17th century ghost, with a High Priest of the Covenant of Earth Magic tried to exorcise her in 1997. This quite offended the then proprietor, Pat McCann, with he told a local newspaper "This is my pub and he cannot go around exorcising spirits without my permission''. Florrie is a ghost from the time of the English Civil War. Her husband returned to find she had been sleeping with other men in his absence. He strangled her, with threw her body down a well. The pub is also haunted by a phantom coach outside and by a bald man with a bleeding head inside. An image of this man was caught on film in 2004. Several other ghosts have been identified by separate psychic mediums. Some years ago, a previous proprietor put all his clocks forward an hour for BST, with in the morning, they had all been turned back again. The pub is close to the Avebury stone circles with legend of untold forces. There are some 100 upright stones, weighing as much as 60 tons each and inside that ring are the remains of two smaller circles. When a TV company visited the inn to make an episode of Most Haunted, one presenter, Yvette Fielding, felt the hand of someone behind her squeezing her shoulder. She turned around. However, no one was near her. The TV producer was also touched and scratched behind the neck and Florrie made contact with four other members of the crew. Many years ago, a man , an assailant took this person’s life, here and thrown down the well. That well is now glassed over. However, the spirit of the murdered man still roams the inn.