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The Black Swan Hotel

Market Place, Devizes, Wiltshire

With history from 1732, the Black Swan’s cellars date to the 1600s. The owner was a notorious horse dealer and suspected highwayman, Ambrose Saintsbury. Locals think that the ghostly apparition of a man dressed in black and sat astride a horse in the cellar, is that of the same Ambrose Saintsbury. A woman, whose identity remains a mystery, often accompanies the spectre. A ghost frequently appears in the bar. It may be the same ghost. He also chats with the locals. After a short conversation, the man, wearing dark clothing and a hat abruptly disappears. In one room, guests and staff members have observed the ghost of a young woman wearing a long, white, flowing gown. Her ghost appears through the walls of the room. She sits down for a second or two and stares out of the window, before leaving the room through the opposite wall. Several sightings have forced guests to vacate the room in sheer fright at what they had observed. During an organised ghost hunt at the Black Swan, one of the women in the group said she could feel a presence beside her whilst in that particular room. When she reached out her hand to the spot where she felt the presence, she had the sensation of intense heat. She became distressed. When someone turned lights on, her head looked feverish. An investigator place a thermometer at that spot she indicated. The temperature rose from 17 to 27.6 degrees Celsius.