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The Boot Inn

High West Street, Weymouth, Dorset

Parts of this splendid town pub are 14th century. It is the oldest in Weymouth. Usually the ‘Boot’ refers to the Duke of Wellington and his long military boots. However, it occasionally to a 13th century priest, John Shorne. People have claimed this priest to trap the Devil in a boot. He drowned him at sea. However, this Weymouth pub someone named for a different reason; it was after the ‘jack boot’. This was the leather vessel. It was employed to carry the beer from the barrels to the customers for their pots or jugs. The inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include several phantoms. There is also the ghost of a man wearing a pinstriped suit in a 1930s style, with a Victorian sailor in heavy sea boots. Licensees have experienced much in the way of poltergeist activity with severe drops in temperature. When they open up the bar, they find that furniture and pictures have been rearranged during the night. In the early hours of the morning, there has regularly been the sound of an invisible choir of men singing sea shanties. In the English Civil War, a bloody battle raged around the inn. People say that several of those killed to have taken up their ghostly residence here.