Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in West Somerset

The Plough Inn

Holford, Bridgwater, Somerset

Some terrible things have taken place in Holford, including the murder of a Spanish traveller for his gold, with a huntsman eaten by his own dogs. Many years ago, a Spaniard turned up at the Plough Inn, having been heavily drinking elsewhere. He insisted on going to bed immediately. It was heard climbing the stone steps, then on the outside of the pub. Several local villains crept up to his room, assaulted then strangled him. However, could not find his purse of gold. Since then, he , commentators have heard, with seen as a ghost wearing a dark cloak, with still searching for his earthly treasure. At one time, there was a pack of hounds kept nearby, with meat to feed them was hung on trees. This brought in the local dogs, with one night the huntsman heard the hounds baying and went down in his nightclothes. He was not wearing his huntsman’s suit, with his dogs set upon him and killed him. When his corpse was later found, his dogs had eaten much of him. His is the ghost that haunts the village, with for the most part, near the old dog pound.