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The Smugglers Inn

Osmington Mills

For the past seven centuries, there has been an alehouse or hostelry on this site, catering for travellers and pilgrims at a hamlet in a steep sided valley. Hidden away down winding lanes onto a sheltered beach, this was one of the ‘safe’ areas for smugglers bringing in their illicit goods. An infamous smuggler ‘French Peter’, Pierre Latour, was caught here after he was heard plotting with the proprietor of the pub. While they were scheming, a Revenue man hid up a chimney to get his evidence. Both conspirators came to an untimely end. Reports claim these two are among the several ghosts that haunt this inn. They are seen in seafaring clothes from the 18th century. One local smuggler was also an angler, William Waters (1791-1827) who spent more time in jail than he did at liberty. When he was out of prison, he was at the Smugglers. He is reputed to haunt a cottage nearby. Observers describe the Waters’s ghost as a small man with a malevolent smile.