Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in West Dorset

The Loders Arms

New St Ln, Loders, Bridport, Dorset

In Tudor times, a miser buried his hoard of money in Loder's at a spot where he thought it would never be discovered. Just over 300 years later, it someone found by a farm boy, hidden in an earthenware pot filled with several hundred silver coins. Since this discovery, there have been reports of a small man wandering through the Loder’s Arms wearing a round hat, a dark grey coat, and black breeches, angrily muttering to himself. This is the old miser searching for his hoard of treasure. On the road outside the inn lurks the ghost of a coachman who had been speeding to get his master home when he was struck by an overhanging branch and decapitated. Witnesses see his mutilated body staggering about, accompanied by vile oaths.