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The Hope and Anchor

13 St Michaels Lane, Bridport, Dorset

Numerous trader mariners and Royal Navy men, who brought pubs with their tips and prize cash, named them the Hope and Anchor. It has Christian imagery, the stay being the representation of trust. "Trust" was the name for the extra stay on boats. There is legend that, among the bootleggers who utilized this inn, powers had additionally captured a few women for booty offenses. These included Ruth Mounsell, a shoe threader captured in 1823. Susan Symes, a twine spinner, shows up here as well. There is a Charlotte Drake, captured in 1824. Powers sent an alternate twine spinner, Levia Rutledge, to jail for three months matured 60. Even though she was a widow and visually impaired, the authorities imprisoned her for organizing to pass on stash. Reports claim it to be the woman who frequents the pub wearing early nineteenth century style working garments and sobbing.