Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in West Dorset

The Bull Hotel

34 East Street, Bridport

At the heart of this ancient town, the Bull has stood for almost four centuries. In 1685, the inn was attacked by 300 of Monmouth’s men during the Battle of Sedgemoor. Several soldiers wounded on this occasion, died in the hotel. These are among the apparitions appearing here. The Bull stands on the site on an ancient graveyard. Occasionally listeners hear strange voices from the cellars. A woman dressed in old-fashioned clothing appears in the reception room from time to time. However, disappears as staff look on. It is also haunted by the ghost of Wadham Strangeways, who was struck by a bullet whilst dining at the inn during a skirmish between Parliamentarians and Royalists in the English Civil War. There are often small cries from the women’s lavatory, sounding like a sad child. However, whenever anyone goes in to check, the room is empty.