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Ilchester Arms Hotel

7 Market Street, Abbotsbury, Weymouth, Dorset

In a village over one thousand years old, the Ilchester Arms has stood for almost four centuries, with is a former coaching inn named after the Earl of Ilchester. There are many legends of the ghosts at this pub. One that witnesses have seen on most occasions is a soldier from the English Civil War. Witnesses describe him as wearing 17th century Royalist uniform, with a wide brimmed hat. Parliamentarian soldiers hanged him at Abbotsbury. This pub is also haunted by a coin collector named Charles, a phantom woman in the toilets, with a dog that approaches the windows and stands peering through. Two women staying here recently reported a terrifying experience. One awakened by cold hands around her throat. She had to struggle to release the grip. The other woman was also disturbed when she felt someone else in the room. She saw a ghostly figure standing at the end of her bed.