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Elm Tree Inn

Shop Lane Langton Herring, Weymouth, Dorset

Inns with this name are usually after the proximity of an elm tree to the premises, with this Elm Tree stands only six feet from the churchyard where such trees grow. There was at one time a secret passage between that church and the public bar of the Elm Tree. That tunnel was connected to a priest hole for Roman Catholic priests. These were adherents to escape during periods of religious unrest. In a later period, it was an accepted location for smugglers to secrete their contraband before moving it on. Rough justice was meted out at trials held in pubs, the community centre of villages. Men found guilty of serious criminal behaviour were hanged from the beams in the bar. This was done without any leave for appeal. One man to be so poorly treated at the Elm Tree was an angler. He was caught cheating at cards and hanged immediately. The inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a fellow who witnesses see sitting in a bar muttering curses. Reports claim that he makes of utterances some sort of denial. Another man haunting the pub was a local angler who had lied about his catch in 1780. He was savagely beaten. He died from his injuries. (This is all that records, so it might be assumed there was some tax or levy on the fish brought in and that he had broken some law. On the other hand, he could have been boasting about his catch. He was seriously assaulted by other jealous anglers.)