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The Three Crowns

High Street, Chagford, West Devon

With a history dating back to the 13th century, the Three Crowns Hotel has a most imposing granite façade. As the name of an inn, the Three Crowns has been interpreted in different ways. Some reports claim that it is a reference to the Magi, the three kings who went to Bethlehem to visit Christ, while others maintain that it is a reference to James I as the first monarch to rule over England, Scotland and Wales. It has been haunted by the poet Sidney Godolphin since 1643. Godolphin fought as a cavalier during the English Civil War and was a highly valued commander despite having little military experience. Godolphin was shot dead during a skirmish at Chagford. When he manifests at the Three Crowns, witnesses see him striding confidently down corridors in full Royalist uniform.