Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in West Devon

The Highwayman

Sourton, Okehampton, Devon

The story behind the apparitions at the Highwayman is a most sad one and associated with calamity adrift. Then again, what brought them here is additionally a wonderful story in itself. In the late 1950s, a proprietor, John "Buster" Jones, gathered all way of things for the pub. This incorporated an old Oakhampton to Tavistock stagecoach, which is presently the door to the pub. In addition to different things was an entryway off the whaler Diana. In 1866, this watercraft had cruised to the Arctic. In any case, was trapped in pack ice and 13 parts of the team kicked the bucket. Psychic examination groups keep up that the phantoms that frequent the Galleon Bar are those of the long dead mariners. On a much lighter note, a man wearing green with a quill in his cap additionally frequents it. Every now and again, he shows and afterward vanishes through a divider, which had been some piece of the stable square. One psychic said the phantom's name was Samuel. Preceding this, a young girl of eight, let her mother know that she had a mysterious companion called Sam. She had a credit to him.