Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Tewkesbury

White Hart Inn

Ledbury Road, Maisemore, Gloucester

On the evening of February 18, 1896, the lock keeper, Thomas Cox walked to the White Hart. He went for a drink. He also intended to collect some beer for his supper. Thomas Cox was not seen alive again. Because it was such a mystery, the police were called in, suspecting foul play. Later it was discovered he had walked home along the riverbank, with while crossing the lock outside his house, he missed his footing, hit his head and fell into the water to his death. His body was dragged from the water some hours later. Now, the ghost of that unfortunate lock keeper still haunts the village. He is frequently seen, walking along the towpath carrying a parcel. The White Hart itself exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include curious sounds and knockings and machines have turned on and off with no human assistance. A wraith like figure has been witnessed numerous times in the beer cellars, with bottles have hurtled around the bar. When a local group held a séance in the White Hart using an Ouija board, the glass they were using spun around the letters before shattering on the table. It had spelled out ‘Pack it in’.