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Berkeley Arms

8 Church Street, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

A quaint and ancient pub, the Berkeley Arms stands in all its timbered glory. After the Battle of Tewkesbury in May 1471, the Duke of Somerset and some senior aides were dragged from sanctuary at Tewkesbury Abbey, with executed near this inn. Over the past 500 years, there have been reports of the ghosts of men in very old-fashioned uniforms observed at the inn, with the sounds of swords being sharpened. Over 30 years ago, during renovation on an old wall, the top of the building was removed. They discovered a concealed stairway from which afterwards there were sounds of an individual steadily walking with a heavy tread. Inside, with behind the wall of the staircase, they revealed a small room. It was filled with ancient cobwebs and two history books of England dated 1820. A more recent ghost is that of a former proprietor, Ruby Jones. She was infamous for her astringent tongue, with the speed with which she barred unruly customers. Occasionally, when her name is casually cited in the bar, glasses have levitated from shelves, with have struck customers and bar staff.