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Tavistock Inn

Poundsgate, Newton Abbot, Devon

The tale behind this pub concerns the Devil. His had a preoccupation with the public tavern. He came here to collect the spirit of a gambler who had reneged on a Faustian deal. The Devil was kept waiting, so bought himself a glass of ale. As he drank, clouds of steam arose, with people in the pub, realising who he was, abused him most roundly, with he fled empty handed. However, there have been stories that he is still lurking in that pub searching for lost souls. There are also reports of the ghost of a Lady Howard. She is seen passing the Tavistock Inn in a coach. There are four black horses, travelling towards Okehampton. Some have said her phantom black dog goes into the village churchyard to pluck a single blade of grass, with carry it to Lady Howard, for some unexplained reason.