Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Swindon

The King and Queen Inn

15 High Street, Highworth, Swindon, Wiltshire

It is a five centuries old inn. It has its own monk-spirit and another phantom that walks through walls. A former proprietor found his dogs bristling and howling with fright at a wall surrounding the pub. He looked around, with saw a monk float or glide up and over the wall. This ghost has also , witnesses saw, near the church, with there had been a secret passage between the pub and church. This had been used as an escape route by religious dissidents and most probably by smugglers concealing their contraband. One proprietor took out insurance of £100,000 against customers being frightened by the ghosts, with obliged to leave their rooms. Legend has it that the ghost here is a monk who broke chastity vows to have an affair with a local girl. Reports say an assailant took his life or executed for this offence. In the 18th century, this inn people used as a courtroom, with several men were hanged outside. It may well be it is some of those who are still haunting the inn. In the nearby 13th century church a 'robed ghost' , witnesses have seen, with a ghostly figure in grey on a nearby street.