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Choughs Hotel

8 High St, Chard, Somerset

The chough is the name that describes several types of crow. However, it usually refers to the red-legged crow, which is found on sea-cliffs in Cornwall. Old legend has it that when King Arthur died, his spirit became a chough and flew away. Three different phantoms , people say, to frequent this inn. One phantom is a man in a suit of armour; another of a man with a vinegary visage; and one aged crone. There are also the remains of a bird in a small coffin included in the pub inventory. A tombstone at the back of the fireplace with the inscription Winifred has defied all efforts to photograph it using film cameras. On refurbishment, a small room someone found that no one knew about. It appeared to be a small powder room for women. It was part of a bedroom wall, that had appeared to be solid, with there are sounds of ghostly female laughter coming from this room and girls whispering. Some people claim to have been attacked with either a rod or whip as they lie cowering in bed, with have marks on their body the following day. One police officer, visiting the Chough, saw an old man by the fire drinking from an old-fashioned mug that disappeared as he watched him. There have been incidents when glass pint pots have leapt from the bar. However, do not break as they strike the ground. No one knows exactly when the hostelry dates from and However, it is believed to date to the mid-1600s, as there is a fireplace, which bears the date of 1644. A disastrous fire swept through the area in 1578. However, the building survived. In 1685, the Battle of Sedgemoor was fought nearby. The rebels were defeated and slaughtered; Monmouth was captured, tried and beheaded, despite his pleas for mercy. Monmouth supporters were then hunted through the West Country by Judge Jeffreys and Colonel Percy Kirke, both of whom carried out executions of anyone suspected of complicity. Kirke hanged people without trials, while Jeffreys managed to hold trials before hanging the rebels on the tree called Hanging Cross. Jeffreys stayed at the hotel, with between them were responsible for the deaths of more than 300 men.