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Bowl Inn

Church Road, Bristol

There were a large number of people staying at this 16th century inn awakened by the sound of a child weeping in a bedroom. A previous property owner decided the only way to deal with this particular ghost was to talk to it, as though it were still alive. She spoke comforting words to it, with the child disappeared, for that night anyway. There have been reports of a Grey Lady roaming at night. It is further haunted by a young French girl, Elizabeth Maronne, who died in the village in 1708. Reports have said that she was been badly treated by her father; so much so that the girl has returned to haunt the pub. Commentators have heard Marrone crying, as well as reciting nursery rhymes. A curious pub name, with may have been after the custom of serving a bowl of ale to prisoners on their way to be hanged. Parts of the Bowl Inn were once three cottages, built in 1046 to house the monks and artisans working on the church of St Mary the Virgin. It became a licensed inn in 1550. It was later employed by the sheriffs of James II, during the latter half of the seventeenth century, to prosecute supporters of the Duke of Monmouth.