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The King Charles Inn

Thames St, Poole, Dorset

The King Charles Inn, Poole was previously named - The New Inn and became a public house in 1770. The building itself can be dated to around 1550. The Main part of the pub was built in Tudor period, oriel windows and black and white timber framed walls all form part of its history. Once inside you are transformed back in time, the pub still has most of its original features, Wooden Wall Panelling, Old Roof Beams and a Stunning Fireplace. This is what is readily known to of happened: Bottles and glasses have smashed for no apparent reason. Heavy footsteps are heard going up and down the staircase in the middle of the night. Visitors and residents especially women noticed the feeling of sadness and desperation. In the 18th century the story goes of a young female landlady who fell totally in love with a sailor and they promised to marry each other on his return. The sailor then went on a journey at sea for several months, when he was late coming back the landlady assumed he had died at sea from the huge storm and overcome with distress, she hung herself from one of the beams upstairs in her pub. After only a few days the sailor had returned to find his love still hanging from the beam and was so upset and heartbroken that he had pulled her down and in a feeling of despair and grief it is said he killed himself with a knife. It is said by the present landlady and landlord that their own children have seen someone dressed in black upstairs. The dog is said to of bolted down the stairs after what they feel something or someone has spooked him. Visitors in the pub have felt as though they were being nudged, tapped and someone has brushed past them but when they’ve turned round, no one was there. Doors have been heard slamming. One of their workers has heard laughing when no one else was around. We investigated upstairs in the pub and downstairs in the cellar. This is what we experienced on the night of October 12th 2014. One investigator was pushed quite hard to the floor which she was bruised from it. The same investigator had a feeling of tightness around her ribcage as if it was being pulled tighter from behind her. This was felt in the cellar and upstairs in the pub. The K2 confirmed her feelings by only showing readings in the area where she experienced the pain. Another female investigator also had the feeling of tightness round their ribcage but only upstairs in the pub. We had direct responses to questions that were being asked and through illumination, the black figure (which we believe to be the sailor) pulled tighter around the ribcage when asked to do so. Coins that were placed in a stack on the fireplace had been moved (spread out) photo of this we also have a recording of the noise of coins tapping. Young female has been recorded saying, “HELP ME! HELP ME! HELP ME!” in a very quiet voice, not long after you can clearly hear rope creaking. One male investigator felt coldness down his left arm, photo taken showed orb on leg same side. Orbs lots of them going round and round in circles – many pictures to confirm but also the proprietor’s had a television set up downstairs, which showed all the orbs moving around. Photo evidence of a male looking down on us from one of the roof beams. Recordings show lots of evidence from breathing sounds to shuffling and what we all feel is young children (possibly 2) giggling. We all heard heavy footsteps going up and down the stairs but no one was there. A balloon was placed on the stairs and moved independently up and down the stairs and was witnessed by 2 of our investigators. Upon leaving, we as a group all concluded that this was one of the most haunted pubs in Poole.