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True Lovers Knot

Tarrant Keyneston

The unusual name for this pub comes from an ornamental knot consisting of a double-looped bow or two ropes intertwined. It also refers to a tragic love affair between two young local people. An aristocratic girl from the Banke’s family of Kingston Lacy fell in love with the son of a former proprietor of the pub. When their affair was discovered the girl was forbidden to see her lover again and she hanged herself from a tree. Shortly afterwards, the girl’s young lover hanged himself from the same tree. The pub proprietor, already depressed by the death of his wife in childbirth, then hanged himself at the True Lovers Knot. He now haunts the pub and manifests wearing a light coloured shirt and a blue open over his trousers. Perhaps unsurprisingly he is said to be of a mournful appearance.