Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in North Dorset

The Kings Arms

White Cliff Mill St, Blandford Forum, Dorset

During the coaching period, this pub was one of the main inns of the county. Prior to that, part of the building had been a tallow chandler’s store. It was here on June 4th 1731, a fire started that ripped through the town destroying most of it, with killing many people. It was difficult to know how many perished because at the same time, the town was in the grip of a smallpox plague, with many bodies buried without record. One of the victims of the fire was a girl who worked here called Emily or Amelia. She still haunts the inn throughout the whole of the building. However, it was most frequently in Room 9. From a nearby estate, a crooked estate steward, named Doggett, still haunts the town. A coach, drawn by a headless coachman, passes through the market place with Doggett sitting inside. When his body was exhumed, many years ago, reports claim it that the silk ties around his knee breeches were as good as the day he died. Just a few yards away from the King’s Arms is a butcher’s shop named ‘Ye Old Pork Shop, 1681’; ’tis a merry jest, methinks.