Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in North Dorset

The Grosvenor Arms

The Commons

An ancient inn described by Thomas Hardy in Jude the Obscure, the Grosvenor people called after the family name of the dukes of Westminster. Witnesses saw the ghosts of an aged monk and a woman in grey. Poltergeists have been active, moving bottles about in the cellar. The town was at one time called Shaston. It has the dramatic Gold Hill, described by many as the most picturesque street in Britain with thatched houses on a cobbled street. At nearby Shaftesbury Abbey, a monk was instructed to conceal and bury hide all the religious treasure in 1539. That was at the time when Henry 8th raided their coffers under the Dissolution of the Monasteries Act. Before the monk could tell anyone in authority where the hoard was hidden, he dropped dead. Since then, witnesses see him, as a rootless phantom along corridors, with manifesting through a door that has been long been blocked off.