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Ship Inn

Bleake Street, Shaftesbury, Dorset

Parts of this inn are 14th century on a strange sounding Bleke Street. This could be Old English blaec, dark coloured, or black. For the most part, the Ship Inn is four centuries old, with built of an elegant yellow stone with mullion windows on three storeys. The inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a tall man in a black suit, who appears in the bar. He then walks out through a solid wall. The phantom is next seen walking down to the King’s Arms, also on Bleke Street. Some who have seen him describe him as having the stately bearing of an undertaker. There is, under the Jacobean staircase of the inn, a tunnel said to lead to the Grosvenor Hotel and to Shaftesbury Abbey. Proprietors have reported a great deal of paranormal activity in that sealed off tunnel. A former English king reputedly haunts Gold Hill, Shaftesbury. Edward the Martyr’s short reign was brought to an end by his murder at Corfe Castle, in circumstances that are still not altogether clear. His body was reburied with great ceremony at Shaftesbury Abbey early in AD 980. In 1001, Edward’s remains were moved to a more prominent place in the abbey. Since that time, there have been many reports that his ghost, witnesses have seen, draped across a horse, being led up Gold Hill by a man in a black habit.