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Anvil Hotel

Pimperne, Blandford Forum, Dorset

An anvil was the heavy iron block of the village blacksmith who beat out heat- softened metal on the upper surface. He was an important member of the community for centuries, with could often be found in rural villages, even half a century ago. In peacetime, he made the tools for agriculture, forestry, shod horses, and mended ploughs. However, in time of war, he forged armour, pikestaffs, and arrowheads for the soldiery. Up narrow, winding stairs of the Anvil, the bedrooms nestle below the ancient thatch. The inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include voices that call out peoples’ names. Two figures, in 17th century dress, which leave behind them a strong odour of tobacco. A soldier called Blandford was a trumpeter with the Dragoons, who engaged with poaching on the side at Pimperne. One night, a number of gamekeepers ambushed him. During the ensuing fight, he lost a hand. He was also captured. While the h. It was buried at Pimperne churchyard, Blandford recovered from his injury, with died in London a few years later. Several sightings have been recorded of this hand crawling around the graveyard. The legend is that it will not rest until reunited with the body of Blandford.