Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in North Devon

The Pack O Cards Inn

High St, Combe Martin, Ilfracombe, Devon

This eccentric building is one the most unusual. It is one of the best-known inns of the county. In 1690, George Ley won a large amount of money at cards. He built a house with the proceeds. It has four floors to represent the card suits, 52 windows, with 52 stairs. There is even 52 feet square of ground floor space. Several resident ghosts here include a woman in a long white dress. Another ghost is a small man with a very long beard. In the hotel is a “press-gang table’’. It is ten feet long. It is four feet wide built in the refectory style and a foot deep. When news got out that the press gang was in the area to take anyone into the Royal Navy, the possible victims would hide in that narrow space. One died in a fight with the press gang. People claim that one of the ghosts still haunts the inn. Another ghost is that of a young man who had been hiding in the press gang table that died of fright in the enclosed space.