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The Crown at Wells, Somerset

Market Place, Wells

An imposing white hotel, built in Georgian style, it has history from 1450. Then it was two houses. These became two inns, the Royal Oak and the Crown. One of the hauntings that takes place here is of the most curious and exotic style. It pertains to pyramids of black barley seeds. These seeds , people found, by housekeeping staff on pillows in a number of rooms. They were amazed at the neatness and precision of the pyramids. Particularly as there were, no creases or evidence to suggest someone had leant on the bed to construct them. This is a curious. However, there is a little , locals knew, talisman or powerful protection, against witches, with other evil spirits in medieval times. However effective these seeds were then, they seem to have lost control and authority over modern ghosts. A duty manager saw in front of the fireplace of one bar, a ghostly tall, slim figure staring, intensely, at him. The manager described him as a Victorian-looking figure, with jet black hair slicked back, a moustache, a waistcoat, suit trousers and holding a walking cane. A soldier wearing a uniform from the English Civil War , witnesses have seen, as a phantom, running through a bedroom and down a corridor where he vanishes. One housekeeper reported the phantom of a woman dressed in black with a black suitcase, who walked upstairs past her. ‘I could hear her knocking about in each room. However, I could hear her in the room next door.’ There have also been the faces of phantoms peering through the windows on the ground floor.