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The New Inn

16 Northgate St, Gloucester

Gloucester Day celebrates an annual procession through the town from Roman militia right through to modern army soldiers. This Second-grade listed hotel was much involved in the celebrations, with hosts of women and girls in Puritan dress, cooking 17th-century style food. This all took place in the most complete surviving example of a medieval courtyard inn with galleries in Britain. In 1553, Edward V1 died and Lady Jane Grey was staying at the New Inn when the proclamation of her succession to the British throne was made from the inn gallery. There is much in the way of ghosts and phantoms haunting the New Inn. The daughter of one man and wife licensees told them she had a new friend she talked to, a little girl ghost. There have been claims that William Shakespeare and his troop performed here, with there have been echoes of old fashioned voices during the night. Employees have gone down to the cellars and heard footsteps walking behind them along with dramatic chills. Pints of beer have lifted from tables by an invisible force, with dashed to the ground. Some wicked little poltergeist is responsible for keys on hooks going missing. Even pub dogs have become a victim. Frequently, as they start to eat, their bowls abruptly soar away from them.