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The Dick Whittington

100 Westgate Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

A hunched figure seen walking around the cellar was just one of the ghosts that caused the licensees of this pub to call in paranormal investigators. Vaporous orbs have , witnesses saw, floating over the bar, whilst furniture rearranges itself around the building during the night. On one occasion, a wraithlike man manifested, wearing a round flat cap, which caused workers to drop their tools and run away. The pub name is after Sir Richard Whittington (1354–1423), a medieval merchant and politician, with the real- life inspiration for the pantomime character, Dick Whittington. He was born in Gloucestershire, at Pauntley in the Forest of Dean, although his family originated from Kinver in Staffordshire. His grandfather, Sir William de Whittington, was a knight at arms.