Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Exeter

The Prospect Inn

The Quay, Exeter, Devon

It is not only is this 17th century inn well haunted. However, also there are ghosts on the historic quay outside. There have been several incidents of a poltergeist. It makes its noisy presence felt in the pub, with crashing sounds as beer barrels roll over in the empty yard. An annual ghost appearance on Christmas Day is a phantom teenaged girl dressed in Victorian clothing. She is smiling and holding a rag-doll. However, on another occasion, she appeared mid-summer. She terrified an electrician who was working in the pub. A woman, entering the Prospect Inn, heard the sound of horses’ hooves behind her. Then she saw a flat backed Victorian style cart drive towards the nearby Customs House. She disappeared into the wall. A yet more exotic haunting is that of a phantom Viking ship, sailing up the River Exe towards this quay, with a longhaired warrior standing in the prow, waving an angry fist.