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The Stocks Inn

Furzehill, Wimborne, Dorset

One might well say the Stocks Inn has everything a country pub should have. It has a splendidly thatched roof. It has connections with the old smugglers. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include the ghost of a tall, dark-haired man and a little girl. Set at cross roads, the Stocks Inn has an impressive frontage. It stands at one of the roads leading to it is Smugglers Way. This is from the connection with Isaac Gulliver. He was one of the most infamous of the Dorset smugglers in the 1800s. In the front garden is the set of stocks that gave rise to the inn name. From records, it appears that some men were left in the stocks for days. The authorities were still using the stocks until the mid-19th century. Occasionally, men died whilst locked in the stocks. One victim, who died of hyperthermia, has taken up residence at the Stocks Inn. His ghost is observed in sitting position, with his legs outstretched, as though still held between the wooden blocks. The Stocks is another Dorset pub where a sacrificed cat was buried in the rafters to protect it from witches. This was discovered in the early 1920s.