Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in East Dorset

Horton Inn

Cranborne Road, Horton, Wimborne, Dorset

Artisans initially build this forceful pub in the sixteenth century. Its current form is that of the eighteenth century. A previous proprietor at the Horton Inn was included in carrying. He hanged himself as the Revenue men beat on the entryways. He is one of the inhabitant phantoms. Onlookers portray an alternate ghost as a pious devotee in a long dark propensity and a white wimple. It was at Horton that an officer, scanning for the revolutionaries from the Battle of Sedgemoor (1685), discovered a man guised as a shepherd. This man was in a trench, hiding in fear under a wear shroud. In his pocket was a marker of the Order of the Garter. The trooper captured the Duke of Monmouth. The Duke had headed the insubordination. Powers guillotined him after seven days. One might presume that the apparition of the duke to frequent nearby forests to the present day.