Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in East Dorset

Barley Mow Inn

Barley Mow Long Lane, Broom Hill, Wimborne, Dorset

The inn dates from originally as a drover’s cottage. It is part-thatched with an inglenook fireplace. A shapeless phantom has frequently manifested over the fireplace at this 400 years old building. Soldiers were lodged at the Barley Mow during the English Civil War. One battle took place nearby, in God’s Blessing Lane, with a large number were slain or wounded. Their ghosts wander, crying out and weeping in the roads nearby. These phantoms have taken up residence at the Barley Mow. When men were wounded in battle at that time, they were taken to public houses for treatment, as this was 150 years before ambulances were invented in 1792 by Baron Larry, Napoleon’s personal doctor.