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The Three Pilchards

The Quay, Polperro, Looe, Cornwall

An ancient inn, the Three Pilchards exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include an elderly man and, occasionally, a young woman. One of the hauntings is by a family who had lived here in the 1800s. A previous owner, Ennis Jones, reported she regularly saw the pub ghosts. The Cornish Times published an article about these apparitions. She recounted seeing the ghost of a woman in the upstairs of the pub when she was a girl living there. When she moved back with her husband, Alan Jones, that elderly ghost was still in residence. Mr Jones said he also had seen the ghosts and heard curious noises. Several local people say they have seen a ghostly woman in the back yard of the pub milking a cow. Periodically, locals detect a strong odour of violets in the pub, out of season. This then vanishes, as quickly as it had appeared. The inn someone named after three pilchard curers who regularly brought their fish here for sale. There is also the legend of Willy Willcock’s Hole. He was an angler at Polperro. He was also a customer at this pub who, when exploring the caves nearby, became lost. He is still in there as a ghost. Poor Willy people hear crying out, as he wanders the maze of passages, searching for an exit.