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The Ship Inn


Several witnesses have reported seeing a man walking along a corridor at an angle as though on a ship rolling at sea. Dolly Pentreath was the last recorded speaker of the Cornish language, who died in 1777, with had lived at Mousehole. There is a memorial to her in the village. Reports claim it that she haunts some of the old cottages. Pronounced ‘Mauzl’, the name possibly derives from the Cornish mouz bel or maidens’ brook. Mousehole is also the original home of ‘stargazy pie’. Locals traditionally eat it today during the festival of Tom Bawcock’s Eve. This is to celebrate his heroic fish catch during a stormy winter, many years ago. Someone cooked that pie from seven different fish. It saved the village from starvation. Another legend surrounding stargazy pie is the reason the Devil never came to Cornwall. He had discovered the Cornish people would put anything into a pie, with decided to leave before they took a fancy to a ‘devilly’ pie.