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The Punch Bowl Inn

Lanreath, Looe, Cornwall

Now here is a rum story to be sure. This 17th century inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include an old black cockerel that is the earthbound spirit of a former rector of the village. The parish parson met with an accident when he fell down the cellar steps at his nearby vicarage selecting wine for dinner. His guest that night was the new curate, who had fallen in love with the parson’s daughter, with had sought her hand in marriage. Rumour has it there had been a violent row between the two men before the parson’s demise. The following day, the black cockerel flew in through the open window of the pub. It has been in residence since. Reports at the time maintained that this was the ghost of the dead priest. The bird was continuously flying in and out of the kitchen. On one occasion, it flew in. it finished up in an earthenware pot. A scullery cleaner hurriedly put the lid on to keep him secured. Then a mason people called in to imprison the bird in the pot forever. However, the black cockerel still makes his spirit voice heard. Through the village, there is a ghost in black driving a coach. Witnesses have seen headless horses, galloping late at night.