Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Cornwall

The First And Last

Main Road, Sennen, Penzance, Cornwall

With history from the 1600s, this is the most westerly of English inns, which gives rise to its name. It was, for many years, home to local smugglers and ship wreckers. The leader of these outlaws was at one time Anne Treave, a proprietor of this inn. Reports say that when the wind comes roaring in from the Atlantic, one can still see her ghost at the inn dressed in period clothes. Smugglers to evade capture by government officials. They hide their contraband dug secret tunnels, passages, with apparent wells. The glass-covered water well. Locals knew it as Annie’s Well. Locals think to have been one of these. Another proprietor of the inn, Annie George, who gave evidence against the outlaws, was staked out alive on the beach at low tide, covered with fishing nets. As the water rose, the nets held her down. They laid her body to rest in her bedroom before a gravedigger buried her body in an unmarked grave in the cemetery next to the pub. She still has her own room at the inn. She objects to anyone else sleeping there. There are Accounts of dreams of drowning. Dreams of being covered in fishing nets are familiar to people who have stayed in that room. Occasionally, cats have been found, trapped in wardrobes and closed drawers. Numerous individuals have reported seeing a ghostly woman on the landing. Others have sensed something unseen touch their hair or they experience a sudden deep chill.