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Jolly Sailor Inn

Princes Square, Looe

When two licensees recently moved in to the Jolly Sailor Inn, one of the first things they came across was the pub ghost! He was wearing the frock-coated uniform of a coachman, with a linen shirt, hair in a ponytail and leather gaiters. This phantom has been seen on many occasions over the years. A porter spoke of seeing, on several occasions, the phantom of young girl, passing through walls on the landing. Witnesses have reported a small woman, dressed in old-fashioned clothing who moved between bedrooms and has even spoken to guests or employees. Strangest of all, there have been reports of a phantom white rabbit, also in residence. The Jolly Sailor Inn was a favourite haunt of pirates and smugglers. It is said that they plotted with the proprietor, and used the premises to conceal their contraband. On one occasion, the Customs and Excise authorities raided the pub. However, the proprietor was a resourceful woman, who sat upon the barrels, covering them with her voluminous petticoats. Once hidden, she continued her knitting and allowed the customs officers to search the inn, to no avail. The main beam in the Jolly Sailor is said to have come off of a French ship of the line that was at the Battle of Trafalgar in1805. After the ship had been captured, it was renamed the HMS Indefatigable. When it was eventually broken up, the proprietor of the time, knowing someone who worked in the dockyard, had the beam installed, and, to this day, it remains in the main part of the bar.