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Bucket Of Blood Inn

14 Churchtown Road, Phillack, Hayle, Cornwall

Originally called the New Inn, a proprietor renamed this pub on the back of a gory legend. Many years ago, a proprietor went to his well to draw water. Up came a bucket of blood from a severely mutilated corpse. Someone had thrown the body down the well. Now, witnesses see a phantom, wearing torn and wet clothing, accompanied by chills in the pub bars. The inn is part 12th century. A monk in a brown habit and a poltergeist that moves furniture about further haunts it. There is some dispute over the origins of the village name. In the 17th century, locals believed that Phillack referred to the Irish Saint Felicitas. People have claimed that Felicitas is the founder of Phillack church in the sixth century. However, a 10th century Vatican codex mentions a Saint Felec. He lived about the same time. He is possibly the dedicatee of the parish church. Recently the brewery produced a new beer, Bucket of Blood.