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The Ship In Distress

Stanpit, Mudeford, Christchuch, Dorset, Christchurch

It is an odd name for an inn. However, it was after an incident many years ago off the coast at Hengistbury Head, Dorset. A Revenue cutter, the Osprey, was involved in an accident that cost the captain his life. This inn is a three centuries old building that had belonged to John Streeter, with then Hannah Sillers, both notorious smugglers. The fine statue of a pirate or smuggler at the end of the bar at the Ship in Distress could be the Wicked Man of Wick, Sam Hookey. He lost an eye in battle with the Revenue men. He took to wearing a leather patch over the wound. Hookey came to a terrible end; weighted down with gold in his pockets, he fell into a deep pool on the River Stour and drowned. His ghost haunts the Ship in Distress. Witnesses report an unpleasant odour to surround it. Hookey is also heard emitting loud curses.