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The Rummer Bar

All Saints Lane, Bristol, Avon

Locals knew it as the Rummer for the past two centuries. However, it has a history from 1241 when it was an inn called the Grene Lattis. It is not clear what a ‘lattis’ was, perhaps an original spelling of lattice, a piece of timber to support slates or plaster. This could make it the modern pub equivalent of Green Doors. It was first coaching inn in Bristol. Witnesses report the ghost of a man dressed in modern style dress in the cellar. He appears for only a few seconds before dissolving into a mist, before disappearing. An apparition that regularly appears in one bar is that of a woman. Reports say she has long dark hair with a white dress. Reports claim that her ghost floats on the stairs only to disappear through a wall. A poltergeist makes its appearance felt by throwing items about in one bedroom with smashing dishes in the kitchen. A ‘rummer’, after which the name of this pub people called, pertains to an 18th century stemmed glass for drinking spirits mixed with water. It is a corruption of ‘Roman Glass’.