Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Bristol City

The Hatchet Inn

27 Frogmore Street, Bristol, Avon

The proprietor opened this inn in 1606. It has a front entryway, secured with human skin. It is currently second grade recorded building. The first building is fifteenth century. Nonetheless, what has survived is sixteenth century. For a long time, the front had mortar over it. In any case, repairs on the wonderful timber front uncovered the exterior. The pub shows spooky signs, in the subterranean rooms and the more established parts of the building. Two records recommend that it is the apparition of exposed knuckle boxer, Tom Cribb, conceived at Hadham. There was a rodent pit, which did not close down until the early 1900s. Rodent teasing was a blood game including the bedevilling of rats in a pit. Players with paying onlookers filled the pit with the rodents. At that point, put down wagers on to what extent it would take a terrier to execute all of them. There have been records that the qualities of energized canines yapping, the squeals of the rodents and cheering men frequent this zone.