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The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer

17-18 King Street, Bristol, Avon

They seem to have a love of irony or incongruity at Bristol, judging by the name of this pub. The inn sign shows a jolly jack tar dancing a jig as he stands beside a ship’s cannon, preparing to slay the enemy. The truth of those times was much worse. The Press Gangs roamed the city pubs looking for ‘volunteers’ for His Majesty’s Royal Navy. During several of these raids, the raids caught up innocent men in battles to escape. The raids killed several men. The ghost that haunts this 17th century Second-grade protected pub was one of those killed. He manifests as a young fair-haired man in a dark blue jacket. Inside is a long bar with iron upright posts, bare wood floors, heavy oak beams with church settles for seats. When he appears, he is usually sitting near the open fireside on the left hand side of the pub. Those who seen the phantom say he is also bleeding from a chest wound.